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Bamboo Flooring has long been know to be an environmentally friendly and extremely durable flooring option. Now it has added color, size and installation options that weren't always available. Get the traditional look of a hardwood floor, but with a twist. Bamboo floors are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and tough. This wood is rated harder than red oak. Bamboo is a cutting-edge trend that’s also here to stay, and it comes in a range of colors and styles. Take a look at our comprehensive selection today.

Our Cabinetry

Craftsman offers two distinct line of residential cabinetry for Cabinetry by Karman, and DeWils industries. These lines are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers and home offices. Each line has both stained wood finishes and painted finishes, in a large variety of wood species. We also fabricate a line of commercial laminate cabinetry for offices, medical facilities, financial institutions etc. This is a complete customer line of cabinets.

We offer free estimates and  we install all of the cabinetry we sell with our own installation team. We also offer and install counter tops including laminate, granite, quartz, and solid surface.

Our Cork

Cork has a wonderful feel, very warm and inviting.

Our Countertops

We offer laminate, solid surface, granite, quartz and tile counter tops. We also do free estimates and do all of our installs. Our installation team has decades of experience.

Our Flooring Supplies

Come visit our store to browse through all of our flooring supplies. We offer floor cleaners.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating can be installed under any flooring surface and our customers always give us positive feedback on the results. Innovative Surfaces provides and installs a number of radiant heating systems including those made by Warmly Yours and Schluter. We install everything we sell, including our radiant heating systems. Radiant heating can warm the entire room in a matter of minutes and save on energy costs. Tired of walking around in slippers and socks all winter? With radiant heating, you can again walk barefoot across your hard floors in the dead of winter. The unique under floor heating system is environmentally friendly, because it’s clean and energy efficient. It’s luxury you never thought was possible. Talk to one of our associates about radiant heating today.


We offer our customers Cork Underlayment, 2n1 Moisture Barrier Underlayment, Sound Control Underlayment, Liquid Level Underlayment and Plywood Underlayment. Depending on the type of floor and application, some underlayment may be required prior to installation. Optional underlayment can provide warmth, sound control, moisture protection and overall feel of the floor can be improved. The right underlayment can enhance the long-term wear and performance of many types of floors. Some companies even give substantial extensions to warranty coverage when the recommended underlayment is used. Ask our sales staff about the different types and grades of underlayment—we’ll be glad to advise you so you’ll be sure to have the best performance and most satisfaction from your new floor.