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Our specialty is your satisfaction

Craftsman prides it self on having the best designers, flooring installers, and carpenters in the industry.  We go to great lengths to insure that the people working on your project are highly trained and professional.

We have found, over the last 45 years, that the materials being installed are only going to work if they are installed by professionals. Unfortunately there has been a disconnect form the sales of products and the installation of the products throughout or industry. Most flooring and Cabinet companies do not employee their installers, they are sub contractors that may or may not be around if the project has trouble. Time and time again we have customers come into our showroom with horror stories of how the installers did not have the abilities to do the work properly. Leaving the home owners frustrated and disappointed.  

We can give you the assurance that your project will meet or exceed your expectations!


Thank You!

Shawn Longwell